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KNIME Software Products

Create, Collaborate and Advance in Data Science.

KNIME delivers a comprehensive platform for End-to-End Data Science, from Model Creation and Deployment to Insight Sharing and Data App Development.

KNIME Software’s Analytics Platform empowers users with robust tools for Data Integration, Analysis and Visualisation. KNIME’s comprehensive suite of products enables organisations to harness data effectively, whether for exploring insights, developing models, or deploying applications. The KNIME Hub acts as a central repository for community-contributed extensions and workflows, promoting collaboration and best practice sharing among users. In enterprise environments, the Business Hub provides cloud-native solutions designed for scalable analytics deployment and streamlined workflow management. With a focus on accessibility and innovation, KNIME Software continues to drive advancements in data science, supporting diverse industries and enhancing operational efficiencies worldwide. 

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Easily build analyses with a simple, low-code/no-code interface and the power of generative AI.

  • Execute sophisticated analyses, from data prep to advanced AI/ML applications, including large language models (LLMs).
  • Automatically generate workflows with a generative AI assistant and receive guidance when you’re stuck.
  • Streamline data tasks by eliminating repetitive and manual manipulation with automated workflows.
  • Seamlessly access and blend data from your desktop, major databases, or any data warehouse.
  • Discover insights with interactive data views, choosing from a variety of charts.

Foster interdisciplinary collaboration by sharing workflows effortlessly.

  • Engage in collaborative visual workflow creation, privately with peers or across your organisation.
  • Maintain and reuse data processes, analytical models, and scripts across diverse disciplines.
  • Engage in seamless collaboration with multiple users through version control.

Deploy and supervise insights throughout the organisation.

  • Deploy your workflows as data apps or REST APIs to distribute insights across the organisation efficiently.
  • Automate the delivery of insights to stakeholders throughout the organisation effortlessly.
  • Centralize administration to minimize IT bottlenecks, while enabling deployment monitoring at the team level.
  • Scale to support unlimited users, enabling concurrent execution of numerous workflows within a unified environment.

Consume and reuse

  • Empower self-sufficiency with data apps accessible to unlimited end users.
  • Establish a knowledge base for your team, department, or entire organisation. Develop and distribute reusable workflows as best practices or starter kits for beginners to streamline collaboration and efficiency.

Make sense of data with Analytics & AI.

KNIME Software Products

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