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KNIME & Generative AI

Gen AI Features in KNIME

Enhance your analytics workflows with powerful Gen AI features and scale adoption through customisable model governance and safeguarding functionalities. These advanced tools ensure robust performance, security and compliance, fostering widespread usage and trust within your organisation.

Deploy Gen AI to Your Teams with certainty


Train & onboard teams in data science and KNIME using the KNIME AI assistant (K-AI). K-AI generates data science workflows, visualisations, and code snippets based on text prompts, facilitating seamless learning and application.

Adopt_Gen AI

Embrace KNIME’s AI extension to integrate cutting-edge GenAI technology and customise solutions based on LLMs (Large Language Model).

govern_Gen AI

Govern & expand Gen AI usage transparently with an AI Gateway. Routes requests through trusted AI providers, enabling you to manage permissions, implement guard-railing workflows, and monitor GenAI usage comprehensively.

Enhance data work with Generative AI

Accelerate building and upskilling with KNIME’s AI assistant (K-AI)

  • Automatically build simple analyses and document them with K-AI.
  • Enhance your KNIME skills by asking K-AI how specific nodes function or how to approach building a workflow.

Personalise LLMs with the KNIME AI extension

  • Integrate with large language models, chat models, and embedding models offered by OpenAI, Azure OpenAI Service, Hugging Face, and GPT4ALL.
  • Utilize vector stores and agents to combine data with LLMs, develop secure custom business logic and prompts, and improve result accuracy.
scripts_Gen AI

Automatically generate scripts & visualisations with KNIME’s AI coding assistant

  • Efficiently generate Python scripts with KNIME’s AI-powered coding assistant.
  • Generate tailored visualisations quickly with the AI coding assistant from KNIME.

Administrate Gen AI usage effectively with advanced enterprise-level features

Establish trusted AI providers based on company policies

  • Route all GenAI requests through trusted AI providers to ensure data security and compliance with company policies.
  • Designate internal AI tools as trusted sources for routing GenAI requests.

Ensure data security with safeguarding workflows

  • Protect sensitive information from Gen AI tools using KNIME’s guard-railing workflows, which restrict requests involving sensitive data.
  • Configure workflows to anonymize personally identifiable information before sending requests to GenAI tools.
scripts_Gen AI

Gain comprehensive oversight with audit logs

  • Utilize a KNIME data app to analyze AI activity and track usage history effectively.
  • Easily comprehend and trace the steps of a data science workflow using KNIME’s intuitive visual workflow builder.

Make sense of data with Analytics & AI.

KNIME Software Products

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