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Planview® PPM Pro

Elevate PMO Success with Planview PPM Pro Project Portfolio Management Software.
Whether initiating or advancing your PMO’s progress, Planview PPM Pro Software empowers you to gather, prioritise and execute projects. This capability enables PMOs to allocate resources to tasks that yield the highest value. Planview PPM Pro streamlines project portfolio management, enhancing resource allocation, project execution &  strategic alignment. Ultimately, it empowers organisations to achieve higher project success rates, improve resource utilisation, & align projects with strategic objectives for sustained growth and competitiveness.


Planview PPM Pro Features

Project Portfolio Management

Set up a centralised project portfolio management system to gain comprehensive visibility into projects and resources. This facilitates effective governance and enhances execution across your entire organisation, promoting strategic alignment and efficient utilisation of resources.

Project Intake Management
Efficiently manage project requests, novel ideas, and tasks without becoming overwhelmed by intake volume. Utilise scoring and prioritisation mechanisms to handle work demand effectively, focusing on requests that offer the highest value and align with strategic objectives.
Project Prioritisation Alignment

Enhance alignment between work and business objectives by implementing a prioritisation strategy that maximises value. Employ a top-down approach to score and prioritise projects, ensuring they align with overarching business goals. This method facilitates effective resource allocation and project execution, ultimately driving better outcomes and value creation.

Project Time Tracking
Monitor work hours and expenses to foster accountability and performance. Gain insights into task ownership and assignments, promoting accountability by understanding the responsibilities of each team member. Encourage widespread adoption of the system by providing user-friendly mobile accessibility, empowering users to manage their tasks on the go while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.
Project Management Dashboards & Reports
Leverage real-time analytics for effective project and resource management. Gain valuable insights through standard metrics, ad-hoc reporting and customisable dashboards. These tools empower you to make informed decisions, optimise project performance and allocate resources efficiently. Additionally, simplify communication with stakeholders by conveniently sharing these data-rich dashboards, enhancing transparency and collaboration across the organisation.
Project Team Collaboration Tools
Enhance task and project execution through collaborative workspaces that foster team cohesion. These dynamic environments facilitate seamless communication and collaboration, enabling teams to work together efficiently. Gather essential project information within these workspaces, seamlessly feeding it into your PPM Pro projects for enhanced tracking and visibility. This integration streamlines project management processes and ensures accurate and up-to-date project insights.
Project Budget Management
Effectively oversee forecasts, budgets and expenses while tracking plan vs. actual performance using PPM Pro. This comprehensive tool allows you to identify potential opportunities for cost savings and charge-backs. By comparing projected figures with actual results, you can proactively manage finances and ensure optimal resource allocation. PPM Pro empowers you to make informed decisions that drive financial efficiency and support strategic initiatives, ultimately contributing to the organisation's overall success.

Planview PPM Pro forms a fundamental component within Planview's PPM solution tailored for emerging PMOs


Project Portfolio Management

Experience Planview Project Portfolio Management: Streamline project lifecycles, align Strategies with execution & optimise resource utilisation. From planning to delivery, empower teams, enhance productivity and achieve Project Excellence with Planview’s PPM.


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