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Strategic Portfolio Management

Realise Strategic Objectives at Speed with Planview Swajyot’s Strategic Portfolio Management.
We empower Organisations to effectively Select, Prioritize, and Manage Portfolio that align with their long-term goals, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and maximising the value delivered to stakeholders. With Strategic Portfolio Management, we help Organisations to align with their strategic objectives and their potential to generate value. Maximise the return on investment (ROI) by selecting the right mix of projects that will collectively drive business success and create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage.


Reduce the Disconnect between Strategy, Teams and Outcomes by Fostering Business Agility


Improve speed-to-value and market responsiveness

Enhance your speed-to-value and market responsiveness, staying ahead of competitors and delivering value to customers faster and more effectively.


Increase confidence in strategic investments

Increase confidence in strategic investments, minimise risks, and optimize returns, ultimately driving business success and growth.


Unlock organizational capacity for priority initiatives

Effectively unlock capacity for priority initiatives. Deliver high-quality results on critical projects, drive business success, and stay agile in response to changing market conditions.

Strategic Portfolio Management Solution Capabilities

Strategy Visualisation

Visualise Your Organisation Strategic goals, Objectives & Initiatives. Digital Product Insights Dashboard to communicate complex strategic concepts in a clear and concise manner. Efficiently allocate resources, prioritize initiatives, and track the execution of strategic projects, ultimately driving successful outcomes and maximizing the value delivered to stakeholders.

Dynamic Planning & Funding

Use scenario modeling to visualize trade-offs, reprioritize and fund strategic investments incrementally based on quantifiable business outcomes. Enable Organisations to continuously adapt their plans and allocate funding based on changing business conditions and priorities. It involves agile planning and resource allocation to ensure that strategic initiatives remain relevant and aligned with the Organisation's goals.

Demand & Capacity

Effectively balance the demand for projects and initiatives with the organisation's available capacity and resources. We ensure that the organisation can execute its strategic initiatives efficiently and deliver value to stakeholders. Key elements are Demand Prioritization, Resource Capacity Planning, Resource Allocation, Resource Availability, Capacity Forecasting, Portfolio Balancing, Scenario Analysis, etc.

Performance Analytics

Data-driven insights and metrics to measure and evaluate the performance of projects and initiatives within the Portfolio. Make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation & align projects with strategic objectives. Define relevant KPIs to track progress towards strategic goals such as ROI, cost efficiency and time-to-market.

Enterprise Architecture

Comprehensive understanding of an organisation's current and target state, enable better alignment of strategic initiatives with the overall business architecture. Technology roadmaps that guide the selection and sequencing of projects, enabling better investment decisions and resource allocation. Enterprise Architecture acts as a foundation for informed decision-making, enhancing agility and responsiveness in a dynamic business environment.

Program Management

Ensure effective execution of strategic initiatives, efficient resource allocation, and successful achievement of strategic objectives. Program Management enhances visibility, collaboration and control over the entire portfolio, supporting the Organisation in driving business growth and competitive advantage.

Team Delivery

Ensure successful project execution by high-performing Teams. Empower Teams, foster collaboration & provide the necessary support and resources to deliver strategic initiatives effectively. With Strategic Portfolio Management, Organisation can maximise the potential for successful project outcomes, drive innovation and achieve strategic objectives.

Advantages of Strategic Portfolio Management

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Wide array of solutions to help organisations efficiently manage portfolios, projects, resources and work processes. Key offerings include Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Enterprise Agile Planning, Value Stream Management, Integration Solutions and more.

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