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Enterprise Agile Planning

Drive Agile Transformation Your Way with Planview Swajyot’s Enterprise Agile Planning.
Agile Principles and Practices across an entire Organisation to manage complex projects and deliver value to customers efficiently. Involves aligning multiple Agile Teams, coordinating efforts and integrating Agile practices with traditional project management for seamless and effective project execution. The goal is to promote collaboration, flexibility, and responsiveness while maintaining focus on strategic objectives. With Enterprise Agile Planning Solution, We help Organisations to adapt to changing market conditions, accelerate product development and deliver high-quality products and services.


Drive Agile Transformation with Planview Swajyot's Enterprise Agile Planning Solution


Deliver faster and more predictably

With Enterprise Agile Planning, Organisations deliver faster and more predictably by leveraging Agile Principles and Practices at an enterprise level. By breaking down silos, fostering collaboration, and aligning teams with strategic goals, projects progress efficiently.


Do more with the teams you have

Enterprise Agile Planning enables Organisations to do more with the Teams they have by optimising collaboration, efficiency and resource utilisation. Agile Practices, such as Iterative Development and Continuous Improvement, ensure teams deliver value incrementally, maximising productivity.


Confidently invest in the right priorities

Confidently invest in the right priorities through a data-driven and iterative approach. Agile Practices like product Backlog Refinement and Customer Validation ensure that priorities are constantly updated to reflect changing market dynamics

Advantages of Enterprise Agile Planning

Enterprise Agile Planning Solution Capabilities

Planning & Funding

Planning & Funding seamlessly come together to align strategic initiatives with available resources. Agile Teams collaboratively plan projects, breaking them into smaller, iterative cycles. Accurate forecasting and resource capacity planning ensure funding is allocated efficiently. This integrated approach empowers teams to deliver customer-centric products faster while optimising resource allocation, improving financial predictability and ultimately driving business success. Key elements are Product & Value Stream Funding, Lean Budgeting, Scenario Planning & Modeling, Capacity Planning & Lean Portfolio Management.

Strategic Alignment

Ensure that all projects and initiatives are closely aligned with the Organisation's strategic goals. We help Organisations to Define and communicate strategic themes for Project Selection and Prioritisation. Organisations can confidently invest in high-value initiatives, adapt to changing market conditions, and achieve Strategic Vision with Agility and Efficiency.


Gain visibility into project financials, make informed investment decisions, optimise resource allocation and achieve successful project outcomes while maximising overall financial performance. Key aspects include: Budgeting and Forecasting, Resource Costing, Expense Tracking, Funding Allocation, Financial Reporting, Financial Governance, etc.

Team Delivery

Empower cross-functional teams to deliver value collaboratively and iteratively. With a customer-centric focus, teams prioritise and deliver incremental value through short iterations and continuous feedback. Agile ceremonies like daily stand-ups synchronize efforts and promote collaboration. Transparent progress and performance metrics enable data-driven decision-making and trust. Team Delivery accelerates project delivery, optimises value, and ensures high-quality outcomes in a dynamic and customer-responsive environment.

Performance Analytics

Leverage data-driven insights and metrics to evaluate and improve the performance of Agile Teams and Projects. Key aspects include capturing and analysing data on project progress, speed, quality and customer feedback. Performance Analytics facilitates data-driven decision-making, fosters a culture of continuous improvement, and helps Teams adapt to changing requirements. By continuously measuring and analysing performance, organisations optimise Agile delivery, enhance customer satisfaction and drive successful project outcomes.

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