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Product Portfolio Management

Optimise Product Pipeline with Planview Swajyot’s Product Portfolio Management.
Planview Swajyot’s Product Portfolio Management Solution enables Organisations to effectively manage their Product Portfolio from Ideation to Retirement. It provides a centralised platform to align products with strategic goals, prioritise initiatives based on customer value and business objectives, and optimise resource allocation. With real-time insights and analytics, Organisations can make informed investment decisions, track product performance, and adapt to changing market conditions. It empowers Organisations to accelerate innovation, deliver high-quality products, and maximise their product portfolio’s value while staying competitive in dynamic markets.


Ensure Strategic Growth by Speeding up Product Development with Planview Swajyot's Product Portfolio Management


Accelerate Innovation

Accelerate Innovation by providing Organisations with a structured and strategic approach to managing their product development process. Centralise product ideas, align them with business objectives, and prioritise based on customer value.


Reduce Cycle Time

Reduce Cycle Time by streamlining the product development process. With better resource allocation and collaboration, Organisations can optimise efficiency and reduce handoffs, leading to faster product development cycles.


Adapt for disruptions

Enables Organisations to adapt for disruptions by providing a flexible and agile approach to Portfolio Management. With real-time insights and analytics, Organisations can quickly assess the impact of disruptions on their product portfolio and adjust priorities accordingly.

Advantages of Product Portfolio Management

Product Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution Capabilities

Prioritisation & Funding

Prioritisation & Funding in Planview Swajyot's Product Portfolio Management ensures that the right initiatives receive the necessary resources for successful execution. By aligning product ideas with strategic objectives and customer value, Organisations can prioritise high-impact projects. The platform facilitates scenario planning and "what-if" analysis to assess the impact of funding decisions. Transparent prioritisation processes foster collaboration among stakeholders, ensuring that funding aligns with business goals.


Visual and Strategic approach to planning and aligning product development initiatives with business objectives. It enables organisations to create dynamic and interactive roadmaps that outline the sequence of product releases, feature enhancements, and strategic milestones. Roadmapping empowers teams to prioritise initiatives based on customer needs, market trends, and resource availability. Roadmapping in Planview Swajyot's PPM facilitates cross-functional collaboration, enhances transparency, and ensures that product development efforts are closely aligned with the Organisation's strategic direction.

Product Portfolio Visibility

Comprehensive and real-time view of product portfolio. It offers a centralised platform where stakeholders can access up-to-date information about the status, performance, and strategic alignment of all products and initiatives. With customisable dashboards and reports, Teams can visualise key metrics, customer feedback, and financial data, enabling data-driven decision-making. This visibility ensures that all stakeholders are aligned, enabling Organisations to optimise their product portfolio and drive successful outcomes.

Ideation & Innovation

Foster a culture of Innovation and Continuous Improvement. It provides a platform for capturing, evaluating, and managing product ideas from various sources, including customers, employees, and market trends. Idea Evaluation processes help prioritise high-potential initiatives, aligning them with strategic goals. With Ideation & Innovation capabilities, Organisations can drive a steady flow of innovative products, staying ahead in competitive markets.

Resources & Capacity

We ensure that Organisations allocate resources efficiently and effectively to support their product development initiatives. The platform provides visibility into resource availability and capacity, allowing teams to optimise resource allocation based on strategic priorities. With Resources & Capacity management, Organisations can ensure that the right resources are allocated to the right projects, maximising productivity, and delivering products on time and within budget.

Agile & Gated Projects

Manage both Agile and Traditional gated projects in a Unified Platform. The platform provides a seamless transition between these project types, enabling Organisations to balance innovation with risk management. Teams can collaborate efficiently, aligning work with strategic goals. With Agile & Gated Projects capabilities, Organisations achieve a well-balanced and adaptive product portfolio.

Lifecycle Performance

Monitor and Evaluate the performance of products throughout their lifecycle. Real-time insights into key metrics, such as revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction and market share. The platform facilitates continuous improvement by identifying underperforming products and making informed decisions about product enhancements or retirements. With Lifecycle Performance Management, Organisations can ensure that their product portfolio remains competitive, customer-centric and aligned with strategic objectives throughout the entire lifecycle.

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