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The Comprehensive Records Management System

We’re dedicated to helping organisations transition from manual data entry on spreadsheets to a streamlined RMS solution.


Qsutra RMS offers full customization, enabling organizations to adapt the solution to their unique needs. From designing user interfaces to configuring data fields, our system can be tailored to seamlessly fit your organization's workflows and processes

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights from your data with our robust reporting features. Qsutra RMS allows you to create custom reports tailored to your organization's specific needs, whether it's financial performance metrics, operational KPIs, or customer analytics.

Streamline Data Entry & Storage

Qsutra RMS offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines the data entry process. Say goodbye to tedious copy-pasting and manual calculations. Users can easily input data into customized forms designed to meet their specific requirements.

Qsutra RMS - For an Unparalleled Efficiency, Accuracy and Data Governance.

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Advantages of Using Qsutra RMS (Records Management System)

Discover how Qsutra RMS can transform your business operations. Our Records Management System streamlines data entry, enhances data security, and provides powerful reporting capabilities. Customize workflows to fit your unique needs and gain actionable insights to drive better decision-making and improve overall efficiency.

Years of Experience

Why Qsutra RMS is Your Best Choice

At Qsutra RMS, we stand out as your trusted partner in record management solutions. Our commitment to customization, efficiency, and data security ensures that your organization benefits from streamlined processes, actionable insights, and scalable solutions. Choose Qsutra RMS to elevate your operations and drive sustained business growth.


This modular approach allows you to selectively implement and selectable functionalities, ensuring a flexible and efficient solution that evolves with your business."


Built to grow with your organization. Whether you're a small or a large enterprise, our scalable solution adapts to your expanding needs without compromising performance.

Advanced Reporting

From detailed financial analysis to operational insights and quality trends, our robust reporting tools deliver actionable data-driven insights that drive informed decision-making and business success


It is your centralized control center, offering real-time visibility into key metrics and operational insights. It simplifies monitoring and facilitates informed decision-making for efficient management.

How can we help you?

“Qsutra RMS enhances decision-making in your Organization through comprehensive data management and advanced analytics. By harnessing actionable insights from process behavior, quality results, and performance metrics, Our solution enables reliable reports to make decisions that drive growth and Continues Improvement.”

We possess the expertise to deliver customized solutions that cater to your organization’s unique requirements. Qsutra RMS eliminates manual errors and streamlines data entry processes, saving your organization valuable time and resources. Our centralized repository, powerful reporting tools, and customizable features enable your organization to fully harness the potential of your data, driving business success in the digital age.

Our solutions are designed to help your organization achieve its maximum potential through the power of modern RMS technology. Deploy our Modern RMS Frameworks to enhance efficiency, improve data governance, and unlock valuable insights from your data assets. Our Customised RMS Frameworks are tailored to help you overcome data complexities, providing solutions that scale with your business, whether you are a small enterprise or a large corporation.

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