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Planview® Tasktop Hub

Unlock Capacity by Integrating Your Toolchain with Planview Tasktop Hub Software.
Planview Tasktop Hub revolutionises IT operations by enabling Leaders to construct an efficient and cohesive tool stack. It eradicates errors stemming from duplicated data entry, mitigates the messiness of handovers, and eliminates the need for manual traceability. With scalable, advanced near real-time integrations, Tasktop Hub empowers IT leaders and their teams to streamline operations and enhance productivity. By automating and accelerating workflow, Tasktop Hub facilitates the delivery of increased customer value, contributing to operational excellence.


Planview Tasktop Hub Features

Faster Integration with Models
Utilising model-based integration is essential for efficiently synchronising extensive data volumes while preserving data integrity and supporting comprehensive cross-tool reporting. Simplify cross-tool, cross-project field mapping by standardising it once within a model and effortlessly applying it across projects. Hub offers prebuilt models for popular integrations, drawn from a decade of integration expertise. These models ensure consistent and reliable cross-tool reporting by normalising data across connected tools, regardless of tool schemas and semantics.
Easy Configuration & Maintenance

With an intuitive, point-and-click interface, setting up, configuring and maintaining integrations is effortless. No custom coding is needed for bi-directional integrations. Hub boasts pre-built connectors for over sixty tools. Integration becomes a breeze – select desired fields for data flow between tools, with mapping modifications taking mere seconds. Hub's user-friendly web-based administration simplifies tasks, supported by comprehensive technical documentation for complex scenarios. Planview's rigorous testing, encompassing 500,000 daily tests, ensures seamless compatibility with the latest tool versions. A detailed activity screen provides insights into integration status, issues, and failures, ensuring clarity and efficiency.

Sophisticated & Complex Use Cases

Planview Tasktop Hub caters to diverse organisational needs with tailored solutions. Particularly suited for supplier or client integrations, it offers control over field updates during different work item phases. Maintain context during data transfer across tools. Hub mirrors nested folder structures and preserves parent-child relationships during synchronization. Avoid confusion by notifying users when a synchronized artifact is deleted. Leveraging gateway integration style, enable one-way event-triggered integrations from Agile or DevOps tools. For instance, when a code vulnerability is detected, automatically generate a Jira defect on the team's backlog.

Visibility & Traceability
Visualisations, metrics and traceability tools streamline integrations and enhance audits. This style drastically reduces reporting lead times. Centralise pre-normalised data streams from various tools into a custom cross-tool reporting database, abstracting tool-specific schemas and APIs. Minimise errors and save thousands of work hours. Hub links artifacts between tools, establishing traceability from requirements to release. Ensure clarity with integration mapping, visualising synchronised data flow. Auto-calculate time savings with the ROI calculator, building a business case for synchronisation across tools, projects and integrations.
High Fidelity Data Integration

Data integration via Hub is swift, dependable and well-structured. Hub achieves a remarkable rate of ten transactions per second for seamless data synchronisation, resulting in 98% faster handovers. Adjust Hub's call frequency to application repositories to optimise performance during peak hours for low-bandwidth tools, ensuring smooth functionality and efficient data flow. Data richness, accuracy, and formatting are upheld during cross-tool transfer. Our team conducts 500,000 daily tests across 300 tools to proactively identify API changes. Collaborations with tool vendors allow us to preemptively manage changes and minimise disruptions to your operations.

Planview Tasktop Hub extends Tool Stack Integration Capabilities to various Planview Solutions


Strategic Portfolio Management

Unlock Agile, Data-Driven Decision-Making with Planview Strategic Portfolio Management. Seamlessly align projects with business strategy, optimise resource allocation and mitigate risks. Gain real-time visibility, foster collaboration and achieve remarkable results.


Project Portfolio Management

Experience Planview Project Portfolio Management: Streamline project lifecycles, align Strategies with execution & optimise resource utilisation. From planning to delivery, empower teams, enhance productivity and achieve Project Excellence with Planview’s PPM.


Enterprise Agile Planning

Adapt swiftly to changes, optimise resource deployment and align agile practices with strategic goals. Elevate your Organisation’s Agility, enhance outcomes and achieve unparalleled success with Planview’s Enterprise Agile Planning.

PPM 1_Planview

Product Portfolio Management

Prioritise winning ideas, optimise resource allocation & align projects with market demands. Elevate product success, foster collaboration and achieve business goals with Planview, your key to effective Product Portfolio Management.


Professional Services Automation

Empowers service organisations to link project, resource and financial management functionalities, providing holistic visibility throughout the opportunity-to-revenue lifecycle.


Value Stream Management

Facilitates the establishment of a comprehensive control plane that seamlessly integrates and consolidates data from the complete product development lifecycle, resulting in clear and board-ready insights into delivery.

Construct a Cohesive Toolchain using Planview Tasktop Hub


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