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Planview® Tasktop Viz

Enhance Efficiency and Accelerate Time-to-Market with Planview Tasktop Viz.
Planview Tasktop Viz is a game-changing software solution for CIOs, Transformation Leaders and Product Executives. It provides value stream management analytics that unearth bottlenecks, dependencies and the causes behind missed commitments. This tool offers clear visibility into complex software delivery processes, enabling informed decisions. It bridges the gap between technical details and business outcomes, aligning teams and fostering efficiency. Leveraging Flow Metrics, it offers ongoing insights into transformation progress. Planview Tasktop Viz is the catalyst for enhanced predictability, efficiency, and profitability in the realm of software delivery and transformation efforts.


Planview Tasktop Viz Features

Flow Metrics

Gauge complete value delivery, from idea to outcome, via Flow Metrics. The Flow Framework® unifies value stream activities into a language comprehensible by both business and IT. Gain unprecedented holistic insights into teams, tools, and departments. Discern value flow dynamics, constraints, and their alignment with business results. Access meaningful visibility swiftly with Flow Framework®-enabled dashboards, no customization needed. Measure value speed by tracking flow from commitment to customer delivery. Spot bottlenecks via wait time ratios, and assess throughput trends to ascertain value acceleration, deceleration, or stability over time.

Portfolio Insights

Enhance investment choices by harnessing data from across Teams and tools in your Portfolio. A single dashboard offers insights into groups, portfolios, or product lines. Swiftly spot high-performers and areas requiring attention in agility, speed, and product health. Gain immediate visibility into your organisation's transition from project to product-based IT, assessing execution against plans. Detect instances where teams "do agile" but fail to "be agile," endangering market responsiveness. Avert overwhelming workloads and impractical commitments. Anticipate new work capacity within value streams.

Value Stream Analytics

Navigate Digital Transformation using real-time analytics integrating tools and data across the software delivery lifecycle: from ideation to operation. Identify overcommitted teams with constrained capacity. Uncover leading indicators to tackle value stream WIP excess. Pinpoint bottlenecks and iteratively address systemic problems like automation or resource gaps. Incorporate a timeline into Flow Metrics for insight into changes' effects on Flow Metrics and business outcomes. Compare value stream work against healthy Flow Distribution targets across lifecycle stages, from Incubation to Maturity.

Flow Modeling

Empower those closest to the work to effortlessly design, maintain and adapt value stream configuration through intuitive point-and-click modeling. Subject matter experts can swiftly craft precise product value streams, without relying on specialised technical knowledge or consultants. Streamline workflow mapping to four flow states (new, active, waiting, done) with automated smart modeling, expediting metric acquisition. Refine auto-modeled data to encompass nuances and context. Tailor value streams to match your organisational evolution from project to product. Shape intricate value streams across teams and projects by configuring workflows that mirror your technical ecosystem.

Scalable, Secure Architecture

Planview Tasktop Viz is a dedicated platform uniting data, analytics and synchronization. It's fortified by an expansive proactive testing suite, optimising data fidelity and sustaining toolchain stability. Bridging gaps between reality and metrics, it adapts your evolving product portfolio. Meticulous design reduces API calls to operational tools, ensuring seamless day-to-day operations. SOC Type 2 Certified, Planview Tasktop Viz guarantees reliability.

Planview Tasktop Viz extends Value Stream Management functionalities across diverse Planview Solutions


Strategic Portfolio Management

Unlock Agile, Data-Driven Decision-Making with Planview Strategic Portfolio Management. Seamlessly align projects with business strategy, optimise resource allocation and mitigate risks. Gain real-time visibility, foster collaboration and achieve remarkable results.


Project Portfolio Management

Experience Planview Project Portfolio Management: Streamline project lifecycles, align Strategies with execution & optimise resource utilisation. From planning to delivery, empower teams, enhance productivity and achieve Project Excellence with Planview’s PPM.


Enterprise Agile Planning

Adapt swiftly to changes, optimise resource deployment and align agile practices with strategic goals. Elevate your Organisation’s Agility, enhance outcomes and achieve unparalleled success with Planview’s Enterprise Agile Planning.

PPM 1_Planview

Product Portfolio Management

Prioritise winning ideas, optimise resource allocation & align projects with market demands. Elevate product success, foster collaboration and achieve business goals with Planview, your key to effective Product Portfolio Management.


Professional Services Automation

Empowers service organisations to link project, resource and financial management functionalities, providing holistic visibility throughout the opportunity-to-revenue lifecycle.


Value Stream Management

Facilitates the establishment of a comprehensive control plane that seamlessly integrates and consolidates data from the complete product development lifecycle, resulting in clear and board-ready insights into delivery.

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